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Sunbed Hire and Total Osney Sunbed Rental Service - Best Fast Tan Sunbed Rental Company in Oxfordshire South East

Welcome to Osney sunbed hire, the number one choice for residential and commercial sunbed hire for Osney and the surrounding areas.

Our company offer free delivery 7-days a week to all our local areas, including New Osney, New Botley, North Hinksey Village, Jericho, Oxford and all surrounding locations.

Our modern range of fast tanning sunbeds for the home consist of over the bed 9 tube canopy styles, 18 tube top and bottom lie down sunbeds with facials on the very latest salon style vertical tanning machines with 360 ° fast tanning.

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Osney Sunbed Hire

Whether you are looking for a canopy sunbed to fit over your bed, a double top and bottom sunbed for a relaxing tan or the very latest salon style stand-up sunbed we have available the best choice for you.


9 tube electronic elite canopy

The 9 tube elite sunbed canopy with extra facial booster tubes is the ultimate light weight fold away canopy for home sunbed use

*  9 x optimised uva/uvb lamps
*  0.3 tanning
*  Extra facial booster tubes
*  Ten minute tanning (per side)
*  Requires just a single plug socket
*  Size, length 190cm
          Width. 68cm

Electronic Elite Sunbed Lie Down

The ultra stylish electronic elite sunbed consists of 18 low energy- high power 0.3 lamps design for optimised UVA/ uvb tanning performance with extra face booster tubes

*  18 x uva/uvb optimised tubes
*  0.3 tanning
*  Requires just a single plug socket
*  Ten minute tanning
*  Size, length 190cm
            Width. 68cm
            Height. 117cm

Tansun sapphire

The Tansun Sapphire introduces salon style tanning to the comfort of your own home with it’s tasteful looks, 360-degree tanning as well as 3840 watts of tanning power

*  24 x 160w/250 lamps
*  0.3 tanning
*  Sea breeze body cooling
*  Requires one double plug socket
*  Just one square metre of floor space
*  360-degree full body tanning
*  Size, 187cm x 85cm


for 4 weeks


for 4 weeks


for 4 weeks

Have you ever wished you could get your sunbed session without leaving your home, travelling and waiting for an available sunbed?

Osney Sunbed Hire currently offer the largest home hire sunbed service in the region, and carefully select our sunbeds for their performance and also suitability and safety for the home. All our sunbeds are effective enough to generate a beautiful, deep tan in the exact same time as a commercial sunbed, yet compact enough to fit discreetly inside almost any home.

Making use of a home sunbed will certainly provide you a tan where (unlike natural sunlight) the specific UV exposure is managed specifically to prevent over exposure and also to minimise burning:

  • The proportion of UVB from a sunbed is less than in natural sunlight.
  • The length of a sunbed tanning session is restricted to your particular skin type.
  • Skin doctors have indicated that the right normal use of a sunbed session during the year is much better than a fortnights over exposed yearly vacation on a beach in Spain.
lie down sunbed available in Oxfordshire
upright sunbed Osney

Sunlight is essential to human life and making use of a sunbed at home offers a safe regulated alternative to subject your skin to UV (ultra-violet) light. Aside from providing you with a tan, making use of a home sunbed gives numerous wellness advantages including:

  • UVA light eases stress and also soothes muscular aches and also discomforts.
  • UVA light boosts the generation of Vitamin D.
  • UVA light improves the Calcium deposition in your bones.
  • UVA light assists to improve conditions relating to Arthritis and also Rheumatism.
  • UV light improves certain skin problems including: Acne, Eczeme plus Psoriasis.

Sunbed Hire and Total Osney Sunbed Rental Service - Best Fast Tan Sunbed Rental Company in Oxfordshire South East

Our sunbeds offer the latest in tanning technology and are sleek and also discreet, so excellent for the home. The beds have been designed for full body coverage whilst keeping close proximity tanning. Think of transforming one of your spaces into your own personnel tanning store.

Our home use sunbeds are salon strength, with new 0.3 Lamps, all beds have integrated fans and also self adjustable timers. They occupy remarkably little space just one square metre and work directly off 2 x 13amp plugs, fitted with the latest fast tanning tubes you are sure to get that excellent tan.

All our sunbeds are fitted with the latest 0.3 compliant sunbed tubes. There is rigorous EU guideline governing the optimum UV result of sunbeds which we stick to for the safety of our customers.

This is typically described as 0.3 and also is accepted by the EU plus adheres to all British and also European consumer safety regulations.

A 0.3 tanning session offers the exact same tanning impact as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun. The regulation mentions that a sunbed UV irradiation should not exceed 0.3 W/m2. Please rest assured all our home hire sunbed equipment follow this guideline, and is produced in the UK, which means that you can tan in confidence, and receive a much safer, much deeper and also long lasting tan.

Sunbed Rental At Home In Osney, OX2 0 Oxfordshire

We provide a broad range of Sunbed tan accelerator creams. They are available in order that you can develop that perfect tan.

We strongly recommend a reasonable approach to tanning and will certainly make a complete evaluation of your skin type & recommended exposure times on delivery of your sunbed.

We emphasise that no person under the age of 18 is permitted to use the sunbed and the person authorising the hire agreement is responsible for ensuring compliance.

Sunbed goggles are supplied and we advise their usage at all times while tanning.

Which sunbed hire unit best meets your needs.
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Tan Accelerator cream available.
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Safety gogles and tanning advice provided.
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Fast Tan Sunbed Hire In Osney OX2 0 Oxfordshire

Our Stand Up Sunbeds require about 1 metre square of floor area and will have to be situated near a double plug outlet. (they just connect into your residential supply they are incredibly inexpensive to run).

We have a comprehensive series of ultra modern Sunbeds with new supplies arriving all the time. Be the first to experience the remarkable Tanning power offered by our Double Elite Sunbed, Canopy Sunbed or Vertical Sunbeds each of them available to hire direct to your home.

We have an outstanding reputation for supplying and also picking up home hire sunbeds in a timely manner. We provide an outstanding series of tan accelerators to help boost your tan and also make it last just that bit longer. Please ask when booking your sunbed rental with us.

Sunbed Hire Q and A's

In short: yes, they can be. According to the World Health Organisation, sunbeds are as dangerous as smoking. Like the sun, they give out harmful UV rays, that damage the DNA in your skin cells – which over time, can lead to malignant melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Controlled tanning of 2-3 sessions a week is OK for everybody but make sure that you rest the skin for a minimum of 24 hrs between each treatment and at least 48 hrs for skin type 2. The European Standard recommends not to exceed 60 sessions per year.

Sunbeds give out ultraviolet (UV) rays that increase your threat of forming skin cancer (both malignant melanoma and non-melanoma). Many sunbeds give out greater doses of UV rays than the noonday tropical sun. So just be careful.

Generally, sun block isn’t necessary during tanning bed use. The exposure to UV rays is restricted by time and the regulated levels of UVA and UVB light. Further, the SPF could impede your tanning goals, necessitating more treatments in the bed.

Used In The Treatment Of Certain Skin Conditions

It has been shown that direct exposure to UV radiation in conjunction with medical treatment might help in managing and even alleviating several skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pruritus, vitiligo, scleroderma and a number of UV sensitive dermatoses.

Synthetic UV light is used in tanning beds and sunlamps. Mood was measured before and following each tanning exposure. … The scientists speculate that UV exposure brings about the release of chemicals in the brain called endorphins that are connected to both pain relief and euphoric feelings.

Recent research suggests that UV exposure leaves tanners in a better state of mind.

Aside from vitamin D production, sunlight may have additional positive effects. Research has shown that exposure to UV radiation from the sun may help reduce skin inflammation, consequently reducing some of the dryness, itching, and rash that distinguish eczema.

If you are at home, the ideal thing to do is place the place that is burned beneath cool running water for a few minutes or wrap in a cool damp towel. If you are burnt everywhere, stand under a shower and let the cool water run over your body. Be gentle, both with the temperature level of the water and the pressure

NEW YORK (Reuters Health)– People who experience winter depression referred to as “seasonal depression” or SAD– or the less intense but more common “winter blues”– should not seek relief in a tanning bed or booth, a leading professional on light therapy advises.

Although any exposure to UVB radiation can boost vitamin D levels, these types of increases through sunbed exposures plateau rapidly and are outweighed by the risks. Sunbeds also emit high levels of UVA, which can trigger melanoma but do not contribute to vitamin D production.

Skin Type 5: Session 1– 3 Minutes, Session 2– 4 Minutes, Session 3– 5 Minutes, Session 4– 6 Minutes, Session 5– 7 minutes, Session 6– 8 minutes. You are likely to see benefits very quickly, as a result you will not require to spend as much time on the sunbed to get good results.

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