Safety Advice

The Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010, came into force on the 8 April 2011 to help safeguard the most vulnerable by refraining under 18s from using sunbeds. The Sunbed Hire Directory is completely supportive of this law and was already promoting the refusal of hire sunbeds to Under 18’s well before the law was introduced.

Every store that provides a sunbed for hire to a consumer needs to ensure they provide appropriate guidelines on the safe use such equipment. The guidelines will have to detail how to safely use the product, injury that can be caused from excessive use, that under 18’s should not use the equipment and also that the equipment needs to be appropriately marked with cautions.

Apart from this Sunbed Hire operators should ensure compliance with The European Standard (The General Product Safety Regulations 2005. BS EN 60335-2-27: Particular requirements for appliances for skin exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation) in which recommended limits for UV radiance are specified, defines a cap of 0.3 W/m2

Well what does this mean? Well basically the regulations specify that the 0.3 W/m2 optimum irradiance limit for UV tanning devices is founded on the opinion of the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP), and as a comparison it corresponds to the intenseness of the midday sun in the summer time in the Mediterranean. To put it simply the safe limit is meant to match sunbed output to the optimum that human Caucasians have biologically grown to handle.

Advertisers included on this directory are independent business operators and have a duty to follow any such regulations, which might pertain to the operation of their business enterprise. The Sunbed Hire Directory agrees to no responsibility for the failure of a sunbed hire business not abiding by any such legislation and encourages consumers to check with their supplier before organizing the hire of sunbed equipment.

Question: Is sunbed use dangerous?

Response: Sunbeds offer health advantages and also some health risks if not made use of properly. Prior to hiring a sunbed please take some time to read the details below.

The 4 crucial elements we rely upon for our lives and wellness are air, water, earth and sunlight. If we take any of these aspects away, then quite simply, we would certainly not exist! There would be no life without the sun– yet life with excessive sun might not be great either.

Ultraviolet Rays

UVC, UVB as well as UVA– are emitted by the sun. UVC rays, the most harmful to the human system, are removed by the upper atmosphere yet some UVB (which can lead to sunburn as well as eye damage) as well as UVA, reach the earth’s surface. The intenseness relies on the angle of the sun– ie the geographical position, season and time of day. UV levels can increase by up to 50% in between 11am and 1pm!

UV is unnoticeable. Those outdoors are exposed to varying levels of UV and they are often unaware of the UV intenseness. Sadly, warnings of sunburn quite often appear too late. A study in Denmark disclosed that beach sunbathers exposed themselves for roughly three-and-a-half hours a day.

Sunbed lamps mimic the sun and emit UVA and UVB but they go a stage further and regulate the output with a balance of UV to minimise the danger of burning and maximise the tanning. As we know– no-one controls the sun! Sunbed lamp technology undergoes on-going research and development programmes to keep up with researched evidence on the effects of UV.

A couple of additional hints and suggestions

  • Never fail to take out make-up and cosmetics prior to tanning.
  • Always take off jewellery to create that all over tan.
  • If taking medications always confirm whether they affect the light sensitivity of your skin. If unsure, talk to your doctor
  • Do not use sun-protection lotions.
  • Ensure the equipment is tidied up prior to tanning.
  • Determine your skin kind as this is the basis for your highest exposure time.
  • Set the exposure period on the sunbed for your skin type. Always observe the recommendations of the manufacturer and salon operator to stay clear of sunburn and obtain that excellent tan progressively.
  • Always wear safety goggles or similar eye protection when suntanning.
  • Do not tan on a sunbed and in the normal sun on the very same day.

Sunbed Exceptions

Many people are able to use a sunbed but there are exceptions. If you answer YES to any one of the questions below, you must NOT use a sunbed:

  • Are you aged under 18?
  • Do you normally burn in natural direct sunlight?
  • Do you have a health problem that becomes worse in sunlight?
  • Do you have an excessive volume of moles and/or freckles?
  • Do you have a background of sunburn, specifically from earlier childhood days?
  • Do you have skin cancer or does any member of your immediate family have/had skin cancer?

Furthermore, if you are on any type of medication or medicines, please check with your General Practitioner or pharmacist prior to using a sunbed as specific drugs make the skin more sensitive to UV light. If you are expectant, consult your General Practitioner prior to use.

So you‘ve completed the above list and responded to NO to all the questions and want to use a sunbed since looking nice and feeling amazing is what having a tan is all about and why 70% of us in the UK desire one!

Regardless of whether it’s an all-year-tan, a pre-holiday boost, vitamin D boost or you only want to look good for that special occasion renting a sunbed might be the remedy.


Skin Type

Reddish Hair
Light Coloured Eyes
Very Light Complexion
often with freckles

Sunburn Danger

Extremely sensitive
immediate sunburn
2% of central Europeans


Tans very slowly if at all


Natural Protection
5 – 10 minutes

Blond to Brown Hair
Blue, Green or Grey Eyes
Light Complexion
often with freckles

Almost always Sunburn
12% of central Europeans

Light Tan

Natural Protection
10 – 20 minutes

Dark Blonde or
Chestnut Hair
Grey or Brown Eyes
Medium Complexion
Very few or No freckles

Normal Sensitivity,
Sometimes Sunburn
78% of central Europeans

Good Tan, provided the skin is exposed to the sun step by step

Natural Protection
20 – 30 minutes

Dark Brown or Black Hair
Dark coloured Eyes
Brown or Olive Complexion
No Freckles

Very resistant,
seldom sunburn
8% of central Europeans

Always Brown

Natural Protection
approx. 45 minutes

Protection: This is in natural sun, NOT a powerful Sunbed. Please follow the instructions given to you on delivery